Life Skills Resilience

The Life-Skills-Resilience Project, funded by Children in Need, is designed to create opportunities for young people, to learn and improve their skills and abilities and link them to their community through volunteering.

We have activities such as youth forum, litter-picking and inter-generational projects. We also team up with Dr Mz catering, gardening and health and wellbeing projects to be able to offer a wider range of skills and activities. These skills are transferable and support them into adulthood.

Young people can learn skills in:

  • Growing and cooking food
  • Woodwork
  • Beauty
  • Communication
  • Digital
  • Teambuilding, and more.

Time Credits โ€“ Partnership with TEMPO

1 Time Credit = 1 hours volunteering = 1 hour of activity

While taking part in these projects, Time Credits are available to collect as a way of reward for volunteering within Dr Mz and in the community. Each hour of volunteering, young people receive a
time credit, which once built up can then be used for trips and activities with Dr Mz or across Carmarthenshire, Wales and the UK for activities such as bowling, the leisure centre and theatre.
This is a stepping-stone providing young people with an opportunity to explore what the future has to offer them.

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