We offer a safe space weekly for LGBTQ+ young people to connect and be fabulous. 

We do fun activities decided by the group.

Dr.Mz and Carmarthen LGBTQ+ created this partnership in 2019 to test the need for a local LGBTQ+ youth group, providing positive, safe space for local young people.  

There’s folk of a variety of ages and we welcome contact from parents too – there’s a Facebook group for parents and guardians. 

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LGBTQ+ youth feedback

To me, this LGBTQ+ youth group is…

  • a great group, full of individuals being themselves confidently
  • gay – just fabulously gay
  • a fun community of understanding people with shared experiences
  • a place to express myself 
  • a place to feel comfortable without judgement or negativity 
  • a place to meet awesome people and express myself
  • a queer chillout sesh

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