The Fairytale of Dr Mz

Once upon a time in 1994/5 there was nothing for young people to do in Carmarthen unless you wanted to act or sing, walk miles to the leisure centre or watch a film once a week! Many young people decided to drink alcohol, hang around on street corners and cause a bit of a nuisance!

The Youth Town Council wrote a letter to the Carmarthen Journal about this and started people talking about what the community could do for their young people (after all they were the future of Carmarthen!). A group of these people including a wonderful Town/County Councillor called Margaret, some parents, a vicar, the Society for Children and a number of young people got together to meet to develop ideas. The result was that young people they spoke to wanted a place to go that was safe, warm, comfortable where they could meet their friends, drink coffee, participate in activities and have a say in how it was run….

How you can support us

Dr Mz is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee and as such relies mainly on grant funding and donations. We are supported by Carmarthenshire County Council and Carmarthen Town Council and work closely with them. We are always looking for more funding to support the work that we do and to develop the Project as the needs of the young people and The Youth Work Strategy for Wales dictates. We are always interested in any opportunities for corporate sponsorship and support from local business.

Meet the Team

Alison Harbor

Interim Manager

Katy Richards

Cook It Project Lead Worker

Eve Jones


Jack Milsom

LEad Youth Worker

Ash Lewis

Health and Well-being Project LEAD Worker

Chris Monk

Chris Monk

Digital Project Lead Worker

Maria James-Bennett

Transitionz Lead WOrker

Taylor Roberts


Aled Gustafson


Sian Edwards

Activity Sessional Worker

David Harding

SUpport Youth Worker