Update from the allotment

Hi I’m Cath, I have been working at Dr.M’z for just over a month now on the Growing Green Teens Project.

At the allotment over the last month we have been harvesting runner beans, onions, tomatoes, squashes, courgette, pumpkins and spuds a plenty. We have been scoffing all the raspberries as they taste too good to make the journey back to Dr Mz.  I have tidied and reorganised the shed and have bought a little kettle as I think it is essential to be able to have a cuppa!  During September, with help from volunteers I have tried to get on top of all the work that needs doing, such as clearing away all the nettles and brambles, trimming the long grass and starting the digging. The green teens have been up weeding and harvesting produce to bring back to Dr Mz to cook with. Over the past few weeks we have been preparing and cooking our own kettle crisps from potatoes, parsnips, carrot and beetroot which went down really well. Last night we had raspberry and apple crumble that was delicious!

We have a couple of new volunteers that have helped out with tidying around the back, cutting back ivy and brambles, planting bedding and spring bulbs in the wish garden and tubs. Up at the allotment they have been digging and weeding to begin preparing the plot for winter.  I have been getting to know the allotment characters and have even been along for a meeting to discuss ideas for getting funding to add a bit of colour to the site.



As the dark nights are drawing in things are going quiet at the plot, we are gradually clearing and composting the summers growth to prepare the way for winter digging, as each section gets dug, we are covering the area to stop the weeds and grass from growing to make our lives easier in the spring.  There are still a few things growing – we have sown some overwintering crops such as broad beans and peas, last week I planted out some winter cabbage which the slugs seem to be enjoying!!

We have some pumpkins grown at the allotment ready to carve for Halloween and we will be cooking pumpkin soup with the flesh. A big thanks to Vic (the trustee) for blagging us a load of Merlin’s Magic Compost to add to the soil to ensure fertility for next year.